Friday, November 28, 2008

Get Ready It's Almost Finished!

"Making a Primitive Folk Art Polymer Clay Doll"

Nancye Williams

I'm so excited to tell you that the booklet is almost finished.
I'll be selling them on my ebay auction and store, etsy and right here on my blog sooooooooon!
Its been a task to say the least. But I have stuck with it and all I have left are a few more photos.
I'm back to being excited about my dolls again.
I don't know why I get so side tracked. I believe it is part of the process to get stuck.
To resist.
But I worked through it and I can honestly say, it feels good.


Mónica Zúñiga said...

Hi Nancy! I just recieved your email, to be sure let me see if I understood right! You wrote a book about making dolls and you are going to sell it? That is wonderful news!! Congrats and I will sure get one! :)
xoxo! Moni.

pikesbabe said...

Hi Nancy! I love your art! I want one of your books!

Candice said...

I LOVE your dolls! I mean, I can't stop looking at them!!! I definitely want to purchase one of your books so keep me posted! I want to learn how to sculpt like that :^) You are such a talent.

Anonymous said...

hi Nancy
I am definitely interested in your doll booklet-please keep me posted too


Chaska Peacock said...

Thank you for placing my Inspirations blog link in your favorites. I absolutely love your dolls!

Lani Gerity said...

Ah-ha, you got tagged through the 14 secrets blog with another butterfly!

Jenn said...

Hi there! I just found you through purplecat's blog:) Your dolls are absolutely darling!!!

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