Friday, December 4, 2009

Some things for sale on ebay...

Here is Lil Sista. Click here to see her on ebay.

Sista. on ebay now.

Sleeping Fairy See her now on ebay.

Fairy Fast Asleep on ebay.

Hi Everyone,

This chemo treatment has left me with low energy so rather than make anything new I've decided to put up for sale, a few of my dolls. these things are on ebay now if anyone is interested


Dorthe said...

They are so very beautifull Nancye,
Wishes you new pover and energi.

in the light of the moon said...

They are all so beautiful!!Sending well wishes to you.Warmest Regards,Cat

Lisa Gatz said...

Nancye, I didn't know that you were dealing with cancer....I'm so sorry. I also went through cancer treatment 3 years ago (and am clear now). May God Bless you and keep your heart as light as possible.

Lisa Gatz

Anonymous said...

Adorable I want to invite you to my blog giveaway!

Jackie said...

Hi Nancye,
I am just coming by to say I am sending you lots of healing love and hugs. I hope you will soon be feeling better. Stay Strong and be creative in anyway you can.

healingdolls said...

Sending you thoughts and healing prayers. I love that you have this blog to write about your experience.

Jan said...

Your dolls are beautiful and I hope you're feeling stronger and better.

Fabi said...

Tus trabajos maravillosos !!!!


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