Thursday, June 17, 2010

Almost done...

I'm almost done with radiation. Yeah. Two more days. I really hurt. Some one asked me about chemo the other day and you know what? I couldn't remember it. I could not remember the pain or the side effects. I have to really think about it to bring it to my mind. Isn't that strange? It seems so far away now. I don't know why but it is a thing of the past. Maybe that's good. I can't dwell on something I can't recall.

When the radiation is over I will begin to heal from this whole ordeal. I am so looking forward to this. I want to be able to do more and not get so tired. I want to remember things again. I want to be able to clean my house in one day instead of bits and pieces. I want to do some yard work and not hurt from it. I want to be able to have open arms when I see one of my grand kids running toward me and not cringe hoping they don't touch me where it hurts. I want to be able to have my life back. It won't be long now. Have a happy day and enjoy your health!


PlumCat Art said...

You're an amazing dollmaker, and an inspiration in many ways. I hurt for you as I read your words, but am happy your ordeal is ending. Prayers and all the best to you, Mary Ann

pinkglitterfae said...

I am happy that you will be back to yourself very soon...and you will forget about this ordeal as well. Best to put it out of your mind, and look forward to your new life.
Hang in there Nancye
blessings and hugs

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