Sunday, June 29, 2008

Coincidence or message?

From Lani Puppet maker's blog
Aiming Far

'Your arrows do not carry, observed the Master, "because they do not reach far enough spiritually. You must act as if the goal were infinitely far off. For master archers it is in fact common experience that a good archer can shoot further with a medium-strong bow than an unspiritual archer can with the strongest. It does not depend on the bow, but on the presence of mind, on the vitality and awareness with which you shoot...."

-- Eugen Herrigel, in Zen and the Art of Archery
from Everyday Mind, edited by Jean Smith, a Tricycle book

Isn't this wonderful?

Then check out DJ Pettitt today.

It's Sunday and right here where I live it is a perfectly beautiful day. The sun is shinning and the wind is blowing a warm but not too warm breeze. I opened up all the windows. No humidity! Today the house will breathe.

Yesterday... I read about the women who sing for people in transition on Lani's blog and then my husband came home from showing a house and he mentioned that three of the older women he was with were chanting. He said someone they knew was going to die so they were chanting. Then I went to a party and out of the blue a man asked me if I was Spiritual person. Then seeing the work of DJ today topped it off. It all seems a little odd. Does this always happen? Does the day have a theme? Was I just aware it? Was the Universe trying to tell me something? Message?

As some of you know, I am trying to raise a teenager. If has been difficult these to say the least. After reading "Aiming Far" I decided to aim farther. Instead of thinking about how hard it is and wishing for it to change I think I will stop resisting and aim my thoughts and intentions past the present situation. I will renew and reach forward.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I saw your message from DJ's site, and read this and HAVE to comment. I dont think for 1 second it is coincidence. My life is unfolding much like yours. It is the law of attraction. How else would I have found you. There is a growing number of spiritual people, and it is the cloth that holds us all together. In a world that makes no sense sometimes, hold tight to your beliefs. Nothing happens by chance.
Keep believing. Our possibilities are endless. your dreams will be your reality.

Anonymous said...

wow beautiful is there a utube to blog? Love your artwork and blog!

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