Saturday, July 12, 2008

Beads and jewelry using them

As some of you know, I make beads and then turn them into jewelry. I used to sell them but there is so much out there that I now only make them for me. My friends want them but I don't let them go cuz they are like my kidz. I get attached easily.

So here are some necklaces I've made and later I'll show some other things.



~Red Tin Heart~ said...

That is amazing that you make your own beads! Could you recommend a book or technique to get started for making my own?
xoxo Nita

art and beautiful junk said...

Thank you Nita.
I'm actually thinking of doing a small self published instruction booklet. What do you think?

Susan said...

I love your beads. I have made beads for many years myself and you do get attached to them. Thanks for sharing.

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