Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's been awhile since I've posted...

It all started about a week ago when I went to the doctor for a mammogram and check up.
There's a lump and I knew that. Right away an appointment was made for a diagnostic. After 16 mammograms of the left side, an ultrasound was done. (This is the same morning)
Then a biopsy in two spots.
Now go home and wait for 24 hours to get the results.
Friday while I had my mother at the oncologist my phone rang with the results.
Sorry... it is Cancer.
My next appointment was Monday, yesterday, with the surgeon. She does not want to remove the lump or the lymph node but rather orders a full body nuclear bone scan, an MRI, and a full body CT scan.
The chemo starts Friday or Monday.
I'm spinning.
Stage 3 breast cancer.
I've got too much to do.
I've still got small grandkids to raise.
I will get the results of the tests when I see the Oncologist.
Wish me luck!


Janice Moore-Petty said...

Nancye, I do not wish you luck, rather Shalom...The noun shalom means safe, for example, well and happy. On a more abstract application, its use points to welfare, for example, health, prosperity, and, peace. It the verb form shalam, though, that provides a deeper understanding of this term in theology, doctrine, and liturgy. Literally translated, shalam signals to a state of safety, but figuratively it points to completeness. In its use in Scripture, shalom describes the actions that lead to a state of soundness, or better yet wholeness. So to say, shalom seems not to merely speak of a state of affairs, but describes a process, an activity, a movement towards fullness. Using the King James Version as reference, James Strong lists the rendering of shalom and shalam, among others, as: • To make amends • To make good • To be (or to make) peace • To restore • Peace • Prosperity • Wellness • Wholeness...Shalom, my dear! The peace of GOD be with you!!

niknik said...

Это тяжело, но Вам надо верить, что ВСЕ БУДЕТ ХОРОШО! Стойкости Вам и мужества! Пусть любовь родных придаст Вам силы! Да хранит Вас Бог!

BumbleVee said...

what a whirlwind of happenings! I imagine your poor head feels like there is a whirl in there as well....

sending all good wishes for a full recovery ....

hugs, V


Sherry Goodloe said...

Nancye, my heart and prayers are with you.

Shonna said...

Nancye, I'm so sorry you have been going through such hard times. I am going to start praying for you everyday and I am here if you need me!

Carol said...

Nancy, I send healing energy to you. With faith and healing energy from friends and acquaintances you are a survivor. Peace.

Zorana said...

I wanted to wish you luck, but after I read the explanation about Shalom, I will say good luck and Shalom and may good, healing energy follow you. You can beat it. Big hugs.

Angela Recada said...

The description of Shalom is beautiful. So Shalom to you, as well as my prayers and my best wishes for a full recovery.

barbarasaintjacques said...

Dear Nancye,
I am so sorry to hear of your cancer diagnosis. I am a nearly 10 year survivor and I recently had a breast reduction on one breast and repairs on the other. It took me that long to face going back to the operating room, but I am still here. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and send you healing light. I wish you well, and stay as strong and as positive as you can. I am here for you if you need me.

lk moonwood said...

My prayers go out to you, Nancye. My mother is a survivor and may your process lead to health and well-being, too. Do everything you need to fortify the rest of your health - rest and stay optimistic! Laugh a lot, and may you have many more wonderful years with your grandbabies!
Love, lulu

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