Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wow... what a ride this is.

This is going to be quite a ride. It has been so far. This week, it going to be every short for me because I am so busy doing everything I need to do while I still can. I went to chemo class yesterday and it all sound pretty scary to me right now so I try to forget about it and take it one day at a time. Today I have two more tests to do at the hospital. Then I need to finish redecorating two rooms because I have a small surgery to insert a port cath on Thursday and then chemo on Friday. I will post pictures of my two finished rooms if I get them done. One is for my grandson and the other is a guest room in case I need one. Right now they are a real mess because I thought I had all the time in the world to do them. The chemo will take about six months and then surgery and radiation. At least that is the plan now. Again, good at denial, I'll take it a day at a time. Well off the hospital to do the tests. Until next time....peace!


Janice Moore-Petty said...

What an amazing woman you are! I don't think you're in denial because you're acknowledging that life is the most important thing despite the mountains and valleys you face! Just remember that it is when you are at your weakest, that GOD is allowed to be strong in and for you! Much love and good(GOD)wishes! Jan

purplecat said...

Hugs and blessings to you :)

mLindvall said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you :)

Patti said...

Dear Nancye, I hope your procedure today went smoothly. I know you barely know me. I am new to your ning doll group. I just wanted to be sure to get this info to you about vitamin D and research on breast cancer survival.
It is mainstream research, well founded. Not "fringe element", wacko alternative stuff. There is more at www.grassrootshealth.net
I also don't want to overwhelm you as you have so much to think about right now. Just save these links and watch the video when you can. A dear friend passed this to me recently, and I then asked my doc to test my D status and found out I (and my daughter) were quite low. It's easy to find out, easy and cheap to supplement. Nothing your doctors would object to doing along with your treatment. May all your angels stay on high alert! You were meant to be here.

Marcie Hart - A Work Of Hart said...

Nancye...you are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending hugs your way!!! ;-)

Renee said...

Do you know what chemo you are on and what kind of breast cancer you have.

If there is anything I can do, by way of maybe hints for the chemo please let me know.

Renee xoxo

Renee said...

I will definitely keep in touch Nancye.

None of the art on my blog is mine, I do the writing, but none of the art. Although I love art very much. Your dolls are stunning.

Nancye, it is all overwhelming, and so I don't want to overwhelm you more but I have been on many chemos and if you are on one and I have been on it, maybe I will have some tricks up my sleeve.

Rest and keep breathing.

Love Renee xoxo

Jackie said...

Good morning! Thanks for coming by my blog.It is frustrating when people take your work as their own and I am so grateful to those of you who teach . I also saw your going to be journaling and that you put up the teesha moore videos . I loved them and I am going to be beginning too. I also wanted to say that I understand breast cancer. I had an aunt go through it and since her all most all of my great aunts have battled it. I want you to know you are in my thoughts and I am happy you are blogging about it . I am sending you hugs and strength as you begin this journey.

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